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    Good Job T

    For putting on a horror movie before bed

    My nightmares are crazy enough without this crap.

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    So hebrew may be slightly more difficult than I anticipated, orrrrr the alphabet is really intimidating rn.

    I used note cards to get down the alephbet.

    And look up the alephbet song on youtube. After a few listens you’ll get it…and it’ll get stuck in your head! :)

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    THIS. Currently flying high from the Manhattan Bridge.

    NYC Solidarity with Palestine

    And to think I considered moving to Manhattan. Why the fuck arent they doing the same for Assyrians and Kurds?

    I’m in NYC

    the top picture is real…there was a protest and some people put it up…it was quickly taken down. 

    the bottom picture is NOT true. someone mocked that up on the internet. weeks ago someone took down the American flag that sits up there and put a bleached flag up…I believe the two men linked to it are being charged. 

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    Ulcer Store


    FRENCH TEENAGER: Please, where is, ehh, the Ulcer Store?
    CONCIERGE: I’m sorry, which store?
    FRENCH TEENAGER: Ulcer Store. For Ulcer clothing.
    CONCIERGE: Are you… do you… ulcer?
    FRENCH TEENAGER: Ulcer clothing. The Ulcer Store.
    CONCIERGE: Ulcer Store?
    FRENCH TEENAGER: Ulcer Store.

    Can you guess what she was asking for? First person to guess gets a prize.


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    do you ever stretch and just MAKE THE LOUDEST SEXUAL NOISE EVER

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    I just need people to realize

    That yes, I have a lot of friends outside my race. Yes, the love of my life is White. Yes, I tend not to talk about race that much. 

    But please remember I AM Black. I AM proud of that. I DO get angry with certain things. I DO feel some sort of way about many issues in the world today. And just because I’m not talking about it to you, does not mean I don’t feel that way. 

    So be respectful and aware of that…thank you.

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    I would betray all of you in the Hunger Games 

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    I am completely heartbroken

    Robin Williams was a huge part of my childhood.

    He’s made me laugh, made me cry, made me think and inspired me to pay forward a smile or a laugh.

    My heart is really heavy tonight.

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    Dear Body

    I really miss sleeping. Please bring it back to me.

    This tired chick

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